Are you are being robbed without knowing it?


Everyday, we are being robbed of our most valuable assets. The last 20 years have been changing as quick as the wind. From acceptable fashion, to provocative and gory images and videos, the internet, cell phones, same sex marriage, accumulated debt. . This much we know, times are changing.


I often hear, “come on, it’s 2017! Get with the times!” But I pose to question, are all these changes good for us? What has happened to class? Modesty? Respect for ourselves and another? Turn on the TV to a children’s show and suddenly underwear commercials are coming on. Turn the radio on and listen to the number one hit glorifying a one night stand and an abundance of money.


When did the we forget what love meant? It’s importance? When did lust become a perceived honourable option? When did we lose the importance of morals and values, only to fit in with the world, compromising ourselves for the greedy?


There is a message behind everything we see and hear. And the root of that message is greed. What sells? What are your weaknesses? What will lure you so that the next guy can make a buck?


Do they care that it might hurt your marriage? Do they care if it will hurt your pocket?  Do they care if you become addicted? Do they care if it will hurt your children. Absolutely not. And they certainly won’t care when it hurts you.


What we choose to do with our lives, whether it’s behind closed doors or not affects the world, even if it is doing nothing. Every thought we entertain ourselves with encourages more to be pumped out into the world. Everytime we choose wrong, we affect someone else, even if it is indirectly or ten years from now. It’s cause and effect. We hear, “Hey, do what you want, it’s not hurting anybody. Live and let live.” But that only dismisses our responsibility to ourselves and others.


Today I challenge that. Live with integrity, live with awareness. Live for more than fleeting gratification. Live with meaning and purpose. Be brave enough to stand up for what is good. Be brave enough to be the good. It’s not an overnight journey by any means but you can plant your feet on the path to success and tune out all those greedy voices.


You are much more than your looks, your sexuality, your things or your money. And our future generations are too. Don’t be robbed of the most valuable things. 


Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless.
Ecc 5:10 NIV





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