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10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

How to make money online

The internet has made so many things possible. One of them includes working from home. The problem is that there are so many websites out there that claim to pay, when in fact they are only looking out for their own best interests, including scams. I have compiled a list of trustworthy and reliable websites that I have personally tested and used to earn an income. With some time and effort, it’s very possible that you could make a lot more money with these websites as opposed to any out of home job. For many people, it just makes more sense to work from home. For others, their job income simply isn’t enough. Below, is a great list to help solve those problems. If you would like to learn how to make money straight from your kitchen, read about it here.

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1. Clickworker

Clickworker is a great way to supplement your income. I have tried and tested it for myself, and I have made money when I needed it. I averaged around $12.00/hour of work, and I often picked the easiest jobs. The amount you earn varies depending upon how much and what type of work you would like to do. It is important to sign up for UHRS through clickworker, where they have an unlimited supply of work available.


2. Freelancer

Just for signing up with Freelancer, you get $20.00. Nice hey? Freelancer is the place to go to bid on online jobs. There are thousands upon thousands of jobs in content writing, editing, blogging, graphic imaging, social media, and more. The opportunities are endless!


3. Qriket

Qriket is one of the most fun ways to earn money, because it is also a game! This is an app for your phone or tablet. You get to spin the wheel and earn money every time you watch a quick ad. The amount earned is different each time you spin, and there are a limited amount of spins per day. You can also register for grand prize games, where you have the opportunity to earn hundreds. Get 10 free spins today with this code: 043546


4. Fiverr

Sell your talent on Fiverr. From music gigs, to online lessons, making greeting cards, pranks, or nutritional information. You name it, you can sell it. What is your talent? What do you do best? Why not make money doing it?


5. Slicethepie

Do you love music? You can get paid to review music on slicethepie. Your best bet is to include as many genres as possible to review, as there will be plenty of opportunities to earn. As you build a reputation, you will earn more. Your review needs to have value.


6. Upwork

Upwork will connect you to jobs based on your skills. Are you good at writing resumes? Proofreading? Editing? Get paid for it. You’ll have to check it out for yourself and see all of the available work options.


7. Ebay Partner Network

Ebay is one of the better options to earn from marketing. Whether you post to social media, or own your own website, unique links are created for you where you can earn 50-70% commission on every sale. Ebay often has really great deals, making it very appealing for viewers to buy from their site.



8. Izea

Get paid for spending time on social media or blogging. Izea will connect you to advertisers, and you will be paid accordingly. If you have a large following, that means more money for you.


9. Teespring

This is another fun way to earn money! Create and design t-shirts and other products on Teespring, and earn a decent commission. You never know, maybe your design will be the next hot seller!


10. Linqia

If you have a large following on social media or are a blogger, join Linqia for a great opportunity to earn.


You can also save 75% on your grocery bill by doing this.

There are so many other opportunities out there. Tell us about the ones that you know in the comments section!


Ways to make money online

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