Raising the future

Parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences one can take part in. Some moments are beautiful, others can have you turning grey in just a few short minutes.


Some days all I want to do is just fast forward to bedtime and unwind. Sometimes I’d rather pick up my phone and scroll the web and tune out the noise.. and then there are the days I feel cooped up, going from day to day monotonously, wishing I could be doing something else in the world, something meaningful. 




What else could be more meaningful than raising the next generation? The generation that will change the course of the future. We look at our world and it’s events wishing they were different, wishing we could change them. And the change is sitting right in front of us. They are the voices of our future. They are the next politicians, judges, doctors, mothers and father’s. The next husbands, wives, services, business owners, bankers, authors and speakers.  What they learn today means a whole lot for tomorrow. 


I didn’t particularly have the best childhood. But I can clearly remember moments of encouragement. People who cared about me, and about others had a message that stayed with me for life. I know a man who had a particularly rough childhood. He was known to be a troubled kid. But, his adopted mother prayed with him often over the years, and her kindness rubbed off on him. After years of struggling, he changed his life and has now spent the last 30 years helping and mentoring others. This man, made an incredible impact on my life.


Parents, don’t forget how important your job really is. That connection you have with your child is a powerful thing. Even by spending ten minutes a day, talking, praying, and teaching your children can have an effect that lasts generations to come. Put the phone down and laugh with them. Play with and show them the love they so desperately need. Show them kindness, gentleness and love. This creates a ripple effect in the world, one that continues for years to come. And it starts with you. There is nothing monotonous about it. You hold so much power, so much responsibility in your hands, with each moment. Take hold of it, be the change you wish to see. These moments don’t last forever.


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