Sweet N Salty Sticky Granola Bar Recipe

These granola bars are no-bake, quick to put together, great for school, and stick together well. They are packed full of fibre and protein to keep you going through the day. I have gone through recipe after recipe and each one seemed to fall apart. So it was time to get creative, and the results were a success! They are sweet, salty and sticky. This is also a great recipe to help you save money. You can get more money saving tips here. Try them for yourself, and let us know how they turned out. 


Yield 20 granola bars



5 c Gluten free organic oats

3 c crushed cereal (I used captain crunch)

1 c chopped peanuts (optional)

1 c salted sunflower seeds (optional)

1 c flax seed

½ c unsweetened coconut



1/2 c butter

1 c brown sugar

1/2 c corn syrup/honey

½ c peanut butter (optional)

2 c miniature marshmallows

2 t salt

1 t vanilla



1 cup chocolate chips



  1. Combine first group of ingredients in a large bowl.


2. Combine second group of ingredients (except vanilla and marshmallows) in a pot and turn on med-low, stirring occasionally.


3. Once ingredients have started to bubble remove from heat and stir in vanilla and marshmallows until melted. 


4. Line a baking sheet with wax paper and grease.


5. Pour combined hot mixture into bowl and stir well.


6. Once mixture has slightly cooled, stir in chocolate chips.


7.Pour into lined baking sheet and press down, packing every inch.


8. Freeze for one hour, then cut into rectangles, and package.

Sweet N Salty Sticky Granola Bar Recipe


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