Thankful Wife, Happy Life

The other day I was going about my day, chasing my toddler, tending to a teething baby (official mombie) while my husband was outside putting on another layer of ice for the kids skating rink. My son wanted to see daddy so we went to the window and watched him. All nice and warm, inside.


For a minute, I just stared. Seeing him again like the first time we fell in love. Seeing that selfless love he was putting into that rink. In that moment realizing how lucky I am.


More often I think about his shortcomings, ways he has hurt me, annoyed me, etc. All of the things that we have been through together boiling over the good that once was.. The good that still is.


I think we as women are wired to challenge our men, hold them to the best version of themselves they can be. Which is great. But don’t let that make you lose sight of the now. The man you chose, and fell in love with for a reason.


Seeing the faults of another, that’s easy. Seeing the best in another requires a little more thought, a lot more love, and builds a much deeper foundation. Our spouses deeply desire our respect, our support, and our love, although they may never say it.


I encourage you today to look at your spouse with fresh eyes, remember who you fell in love with, but most of all, choose to be thankful. If you’re up for the challenge, post ‘thankful’ in the comments. Let’s give our spouses the shout out they deserve.

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